CDPE Advanced Campaigns

Monthly marketing campaign to be used by CDPE Advanced members for their lead generation endeavors. These campaigns consisted of a report, flyer, postcard, email script, press release, and more. The challenge with each campaign included a short turnaround time, trying to create a unique design that would not only look professional and excite the CDPE Advanced members, but would also be creative enough to catch the eye of home owners (postcard among all their mail, flyer on a public bulletin board, report at a doctor’s office, etc.)

Each campaign began with the Content Department coming up with the theme and the copy for the deliverables, then passed off to Design to create rough comps or potential illustrations. Once a comp was chosen I would move into full illustration and then translate that illustration to the different sizes for report, flyer, and postcard as well as laying out the body copy in pleasing and easy-to-read design.


  • Client : Charfen Institute | CDPE
  • Date: : reoccurring monthly - 2012
  • Role: : Illustration, Typography, Print Design